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Pattaya, The Beautiful Asia’s Premier Beach Resort of Thailand

Best Beach in Asia Pattaya Beach in Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is 147 kilometres southeast of Bangkok, and faces the Thai Gulf. Pattaya is Asia’s premier beach resort of Thailand, attracts thousands of pleasure-seeking tourists from all over the world, and caters with equal appeal to families, couples and single visitors. Pattaya’s relaxing tropical ambient is synonymous with every ingredient for memorable holidays. Accommodation ranges from luxuriously appointed beachside hotels with superb convention facilities to simple guesthouses. Sporting opportunities abound both on land and water, and include some of the finest golfing, gamefishing and scuba-diving anywhere in Asia. Theme and amusement parks, offbeat museums and lush botanical gardens offer numerous forms of leisure activities and cultural entertainment for all family members. And, after dark, Pattaya offers all the allure and magic of a truly vibrant nightlife with a spectacular variety of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, discotheques, cocktail lounges and cabarets. Pattaya can be brash, bold, beautiful and bucolic, and offers everything an authentic international beach resort can.

Pattaya Hill


Pattaya Hill is a very popular place in Pattaya as it offers a spectacular view of Pattaya beach and the city from the highest of the hill. The hill at the evening time is more popular than the afternoon time because of an opportunity to see sunset on the horizon. There is also a black statue of Jumborn Prince, the father of the Royal Thai army, where a number of people go to respect it every day. There is also the navy broadcasting station (FM 105.75 MHz). Another thing is that Khao Phra Bat Temple is situated there as well. The location of the hill is very near to the city, approximately 2 kilometers from South Pattaya.


Wat Khao Pra Baht was established by Phra Acarn Po and villagers in 1957 in the place where a relic of Buddha’s foot is located, there are five Buddha images and it’s a popular place for worshippers to pay respect.


One side of the hilltop is the location of the Jumborn Prince statue, while the other side is the location of Khao Phra Bat Temple. This temple is odd because there are no monks staying in the temple at all. There is only the place for respecting images of Buddha. The most well-known in the temple is the model of footprint of Buddha, which is established more than 200 years.

Koh Larn (Coral Island)


If you’ve come to Thailand for white-sand tropical beaches and diving in crystal-clear waters, and are somewhat disappointed by Pattaya’s rather mediocre, noisy and overcrowded beaches, then a day trip to Koh Larn (aka “Coral Island“) provides anything you’ve come here looking for.

Koh Larn Pattaya

Koh Larn has six popular beaches, all with fine white sand and unpolluted waters, where you can enjoy sunbathing in a picturesque tropical environment. Although Koh Larn island has become increasingly touristy in recent years and has become exceedingly popular with noisy East Asian day-trippers, who overcrowd the beautiful beaches and restaurants especially during the high season, it’s probably still your best option for a relaxed day at the beach.


Various water/underwater activities like banana boat and jet-ski rides, scuba diving, snorkeling or submarine rides, are available around Koh Larn. Overnight stays in bungalows are possible, too.
For getting to Koh Larn, you can book fully arranged day-trips via any travel agency in Pattaya for approx. 500 to 600 Baht, which price includes minibus collection from your hotel, ferry, lunch and soft drinks.
A cheaper yet slightly slower alternative is to board one the regular ferries departing from the Bali Hai Pier at the southern end of Walking Street. A one-way trip costs 20 Baht per person and takes 30-45 minutes.
Speedboats can be chartered from anywhere along Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach; expect to pay between 1,500 and 2,500 Baht. Smaller and less tourist-oriented islands (e.g. Koh Phai, Koh Sak, Koh Khrok) can be reached from either the mainland beaches or Koh Larn.

The Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

The Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

The million years stone park and crocodile farm is a large territory not far from Naklua Sukhumvit Road. Its landscape has been designed to attract tourists with bonsai type trees, fossilized trees, colorful flowers, stones, water, and so on. The crocodile show is performed several times a day in order to respond to the need of visitors coming to the farm in different times. Although its name indicates only crocodile farm, there are also other animals presented inside the farm. With natural atmosphere, crocodile show and different animals presented, it could be seen as a good choice for a family trip as well.

The location of this million years stone park and crocodile farm is approximately 4 kilometers from Naklua Sukhumvit Road. Visitors can go there by a metered taxi, Songthaew, or metered motorcycle. The park opens from 08.30 to 18.30.


Visitors can also find the crocodile show in the park. The show might make you feel thrilled as staffs wrestle with a crocodile or put their body part such as legs, arms, or head inside the crocodile’s mouth. At the end of the show, visitors can also take some photo with the showed crocodile. For example, you can act by sitting on its back. The show is performed approximately every hour, so visitors who miss the show will wait for only a short time for a next round.


In the park, visitors can find not only crocodiles but also other animals such as tigers, elephants, bears, lions, beautiful fish, and so on. Visitors can also pay extra price in order to feed animals, or take photos with animals.

Pattaya Underwater World

Pattaya Underwater World

One of the largest and most modern aquariums in Asia, Underwater World Pattaya has a sub aqua tunnel divided into three different zones: Coral Reef, Shark and Ray, and the Giant Siam – all offer great views of the more than 200 different Marine species, including a rare shovelnose ray – a hybrid between a shark and a stingray.

Pattaya’s most exciting aquarium, Underwater World brings a slice of the deep ocean on shore in a series of exhibits that take you from the sandy beaches to shallow rock pool teeming with colourful reefs to the open ocean where predators and prays swim side by side.

Underwater World features some 2,500 marine animals, comprising more than 200 species from the region as well as overseas, including sharks, sea otters, stingray and rare shovelnose ray – a hybrid between a shark and stingray. The journey begins at the ‘Touch Pool’, where you can feel the skin of bamboo sharks, sea cucumbers, turtles, blue-spotted stingrays, starfish and lobsters.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village is an attraction in Pattaya that provides information about Thai elephant. It is a popular place for foreign visitors. Also, Pattaya Elephant village also focus on elephant prevention, so this place would not be an issue for nature-loving visitors. Apart from providing the information, the village also offers touring the village by riding on an elephant, where it is normal package and trekking one (more expensive). This village can be seen as an alternative attraction style in Pattaya. Its location is 2 kilometers on the right of Suthawat Temple.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya’s Elephant Village opened back in 1973 as a sanctuary for former working elephants and only later became one of Pattaya’s most popular tourist attractions. A 90-minutes elephant show starting daily at 14.30h includes demonstrations of ancient elephant training techniques, bathing, traditional roundup methods, and a spectacular ceremony with a specially-trained “war elephant.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market is established under the concept of presenting Cultures and traditions of 4 regions of Thailand – Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeasthern. The concept covers how people from these 4 regions live, what their main activities are, and what the main products from there are, so the floating market could indicate what people in different areas live and what they earn from their ancient times. Additionally, Pattaya Floating Market is the largest floating attraction in East of Thailand, which would encourage more visitors to come to Pattaya.

Pattaya Floating Market opened to the public in November 2008 and claims to be to be the biggest floating market in the eastern region, featuring 111 boutique-shops selling native food and specialties from all over Thailand. Designed to resemble Bangkok’s famous Floating Markets, the entire compound covers an area of 67 rai (~100,000m²). The Pattaya Floating Market opens daily from 10am to 11pm.

Pattaya Floating Market not only presents cultures and traditions from different regions of Thailand but also presents niche products from there, such as wooden sculpture, silverware, textile, paper handcrafts, sailing-boat model, wooden-handmade bags, Thai silk, and so on. Not surprisingly, the visitors usually buy souvenirs or gifts for their friends and their family from this floating Market.

At Pattaya Floating Market, visitors can travel around the market by a boat in order to see view of the market on the boat. Also, visitor can taste Thai traditional food and dessert, can see live shows of Thai cultures and traditions of the main regions of Thailand, and can find different kinds of items in the market.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Pattaya Ripley’s Believe It or Not

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Pattaya Located on the third floor of the Royal Garden Plaza shopping centre (between Pattaya Beach and Second Road) is not just an exhibition presenting oddity because there are other 3 activities that also interest tourists, Ripley’s 4D Moving Theater, Ripley’s Infinity Maze, and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Additionally, recently Loius Tussaud’s waxworks is situated at the same place as Riplay’s museum. For this reason, this could be an interesting option for visitors, especially family group, where they can spend several hours on enjoying the activities.

Nong Nooch Garden

Pattaya Nong Nooch Garden

Nong Nooch Garden is set in a beautifully landscaped park and can easily make an all-day trip. The entire area is more like a theme park, with daily cultural shows, restaurants and accommodation as well as a vast area showcasing individually themed gardens. A leisurely stroll through the botanical park is like taking a journey around the world, through its many famous gardens, whether 17th-century French garden, Stonehenge, or European Renaissance garden. Equally fascinating are species-specific gardens, such as cactus and succulent plants, orchid nurseries, tropical palm gardens, bonsai and topiary garden.

Pattaya Nong Nooch Garden

“Suan Nong Nooch” (pronounced “noot”), some 15 kilometers south of Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road, started off as a traditional fruit plantation in 1954 and was designed on 1,500 rai/600 acres of land. However, inspired by the beauty of world-renowned gardens abroad, it was redesigned as a tropical garden of ornamental flowers and plants, initially meant for botanical observation. In 1980, the garden was opened to the public and soon turned into one of Pattaya’s most popular tourist attractions.

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