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The Most Exciting Flying Fox in the World

Jungle Flight, Thailand

Jungle Flight Thailand - The Most Exciting Flying Fox

How it feels when you passing through the trees and the mountains? maybe you can try flying fox in Chiang Mai forest.

Jungle Flight Situated at Baan Nam Khong, About an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai city, nestled in the high mountainous altitudes where a nomadic tribe known as the ‘Khamu’ lives. Originally from Yunnan Province in China and neighbouring Laos , they migrated to the jungles of Northern Thailand over a century ago. The village offers luscious rainforest views and sublime panoramic sunsets, in a climate that remains at a comfortable 18 to 28 Celsius all year round.

At over 1000 meters above sea level, this unique site is the highest location for zip wiring in the North of Thailand. With Jungle Flight 34 platforms you don’t need hands to enjoy green heaven.

You can have a pure 5 hours soar experience through the air on the cables, 50 meters above the ground on our 300 meter-long line, walk on Jungle Flight unique spiral stairway, cross 2 of our exotic sky-bridges, 570 meters suspended canopy & swing-walk, or climb down Jungle Flight unique scaling net as a spider man, and you can also abseil down from Jungle Flight platform which is 40 meters high above the tropical vegetative cover. All these with breathtaking, exotic views throughout your experience.

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The Dragon’s Breath, Haiti

The Dragon's Breath, Haiti - The Most Exciting Flying Fox

The Dragon’s Breath zip line runs over Labadee, Haiti and The longest in the Caribbean (as of Dec 2008) and The longest flight line in the world over water, 792 meters/ 2,600 feet long.

There are 5 lines running parallel from 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee.

Enjoy breathtaking views, as you zip down the flight line at speeds of 40-50 mph (64-80 km/h). Towers and line not visible and you can enjoy a spectacular views of Labadee from the flight line.

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Sky Trek, Costa Rica

Sky Trek, Costa Rica

If you are looking for the best zip lines in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Sky Trek adventure is a great choice. You are able to take a zip ride through the canopy layer of the unique cloud forest, in total 1.7 miles 100 meters of height. You will get to the location by the safe Sky Tram which offers panoramic views of Monteverde hills and Nicoya gulf. When the sky is clear, you will be able to see the ocean, which is amazing. It is a really great experience.

Sky Trek zip line is considered the safest in Costa Rica. Combination tours are available with Skywalk (Suspended Bridges/Hanging Bridges) and with Sky Trek (Zip lines) and Sky Tram (Cable Car).
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SkyWire in the Garden of Eden Project, England

SkyWire in the Garden of Eden Project, England

The Eden Project in Cornwall has been nominated in the Best UK Leisure Attraction category at the British Travel Awards for the second time, after scooping the prestigious prize in 2011.

Eden is one of seven destinations to have been short-listed for the award, which is voted for by the public.

The line is stretched over an area of 141 sq. km. It totals a massive 740 metres in length with daredevils enjoying the attraction towering over the iconic rainforest and Mediterranean Biome structures at the popular Cornish tourist destination.

High above millions of plants, you’ll gain a new perspective on the breathtaking landscape of the Eden Project, with its many seasonal colours, sculptures and world-famous architecture. On a clear day you’ll even see the sea sparkling in the distance and the beautiful countryside that surrounds Eden.

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Cable Vuelo, Colombia

Cable Vuelo, Colombia - The Most Exciting Flying Fox in the World

Cable Vuelo is one of Chicamocha National park’s more exciting attractions, a zip line that slides you down from a platform towards the top of the park to a platform further down.

There are three lines depending on how much speed and vertigo you want to experience and offering great views over the canyon.

The first  is located in the back of the park and can admire the canyon and the river Chicamocha, its 450 meters, the second flight is the cable viewpoint, is shorter but more giddiness and excitement and the last is the Children flying wire, a novelty and fun for the children.

The park is also home to the country’s biggest cable car route.

For those who do not dare to slide freely with flying fox, they can use the cable car and enjoy a spectacular panorama through more than 6.3 kilometers long cable car. It is one of the world’s longest cable car systems.

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